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_'I stumbled over Angelika's Twitter account and started following her for two reasons. Her boobs. I like boobs. She has great boobs. Beyond great, they are spectacular. --So, I followed her and drooled. Also, I thought she was quirky and funny. On Valentine's day I spontaneously sent her a gift card and that kind of broke the ice. I'd never done anything like that before.Then COVID hit and shit shut down so we just kept flirting and talking online. She is very easy to talk to.


We rebooked and I made the drive and met her at my hotel. She's tall, just a couple of inches shorter than me, blonde and shockingly buxom. For a boob guy they are full and still unaffected by gravity with large pale pink nipples......(I'm having a moment here). Pretty face, full lips, and spectacular legs that probably don't get noticed because of her boobs. And really small feminine feet. I'm not a foot fetishist but if you're one of those hers are beautiful. They must be because I only notice feet if they are really dainty and feminine. Honestly, I was kind of surprised given her height and bust. I thought she'd have snowshoes but they were more like a Geisha's feet. She was wearing a sporty outfit just this side of being too sexy to go out in but damn she looked good in it.


I'm a low-key guy when I'm out with a date and Angelika's the kind of girl to attract a lot of attention. The way she's built and with her height she'd stand out in coveralls. If she came to see me back home, we'd have to stay in an Airbnb and order food in haha.Given the almost 6-month build-up to our date and crazy heightened expectations we were both a little nervous, a first for me, so we didn't just jump on each other and make a porn-flick. We hung out a bit and chatted and kind of worked our way up to things. We had nearly 5 hrs to kill so there was no rush.

How was our time together? Awesome. Easy. Fun. No details from me but she's very affectionate and the experience was very much like spending time with a long-term girlfriend. She's quirky and had me in stitches. A curious combination of profane and shy wrapped in a Vegas Showgirl package. After some quiet time together, I got up on rubber legs and we hopped in a cab and went to dinner at Gibby's. Even the cab ride was fun with Angelika. She's very bubbly and actually had me at a complete loss for words at one point. She knows why.I love Montreal for the fact that the citizens there don't blink when you show up to a restaurant with a beautiful woman half your age, wearing a short dress and sporting a foot of cleavage. After dinner the good-bye was sweet and tender with no awkwardness. After a 2-year layoff from this kind of date it really was a nice return to things and just what I needed. I would absolutely love to see her again the next time I am in Montreal.'' - Ed

_''Everything natural with big beautiful breasts. If you are (only) into spinner type of girls, do not meet her, BUT she is not fat at all. She has meat at right places :). If you know what I mean. She always gives me amazing service, like DFK, amazing blowjob with deep throat, and breath stopping handjob and FS. I wanted to go for doggy also but there was not enough time.She can do light domination on you if you want, with slapping, and dirty talking threatening to you, which I love most. Her face is beautiful with big eyes and soft pink lips.

I always like to touch and feel her lips and her biting my fingers.She gives great deep massage if you need in betweem services, her arms are very strong to give amazing massage. In my opinion, she is a great service provider. Treat her well and you will get a good return.'' - W


_''Well, the cab pulls up outside my condo and I knew it was her the second she got out. Tall blonde with a terrific rack. Very friendly, polite lady.(...)Not skinny and not overweight. Just the way I like them. Got down to business fairly quickly. We decided to stay on the couch which I think she wanted to. Absolutely amazing BBBJ. Then she wanted to jump on for a ride and ride she did.(...) Sexy body, great sex and terrific personality (which goes a long way with me). Overall great time with her and I would repeat.'' - L

More reviews available, per your request. Each and single one of them are verifiable. Allow me to save you some time !