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Place the donation(s) in plain sight, at the beginning of our date. You may put it in an unsealed envelope.
For public encounters, I suggest you give it to me in an unsealed envelope, a little book, or a gift bag !

Respect and Hygiene
I will always greet you with warmth and a rouge smile. I expect the same from you, the lipstick is not mandaroty in your case! Before any touching, it is very important that you take a shower, even if you just took one at home.

I provide: hand sanitizer, towels, mouth wash, body wash, wet wipes and mints. Please do not put your clothes back on. Any form of disrespect or roughness will put an end to our meeting and you will be told to leave (no refunds).

Screening  *very important*
For my comfort and safety, it is required for all new clients. 
​Please provide at least two the following informations:
Provider references (2)
A photo of you holding your ID card
Your place of work
Your work e-mail
Your Linkedin profile
Your board handle

​​If you can't make it to our rendez-vous, please let me know as soon as possible. If, for any reason, you have to cancel in less than 24h to our rendez-vous, I will ask for a 50% deposit by e-transfer or a gift card of my choice, in order for us to reschedule !

If I happen to cancel in less than 24h, you will be offered a discount or an additional 30 minutes to our next appointment. Treat my cancellation policies the same way you would treat any professional appointment : with respect and consideration.